3.0 Production Schedule Report - Oct. 30, 2017, 6:07 p.m. No Chance
Star Citizen

This week, the team generated another fifteen builds for the developers and QA to review, while three more made their way to the Evocati testers. One of the major victories this week was the first implementation of our new WAF build system, which will cut down the required time to generate a build from four hours to just one. When perfected, this will allow us to have more development and testing time between each build.

The team continued to focus on perfecting the Shopping experience this week, finally fixing a bug that prevented players from equipping items that they bought. Our daily review sessions focused on the physical stores in locations like Port Olisar, Grim HEX, and Levski, so we’re in the process of prioritizing those bugs in our overall fix-list. The rest of the team continued to tackle the ongoing bugs tied to commodity shopping that we discussed last week. One of the setbacks we encountered this week was a pair of Disconnection errors that would kick players from the servers. These bugs were discovered thanks to improvements made to increase server stability. As players could play for longer, they were now able to trigger these Disconnection errors. Finally, our Network team checked in a fix that will increase performance in the overall game experience.

We are continuing to improve the production schedule report to accommodate your feedback and next week we will have a revised format that highlights the remaining features that need completing before we go to a wider PTU and then live.

The team’s been focusing on the comprehensive Shopping experience and resolving any issues related to shopping, kiosks or the economy. They’ve fixed a series of issues that ranged from spawning the player inside their bed (literally) to one bug that took out all of the items from all of the shops.