Pioneer - Oct. 31, 2017, 8:42 a.m. No Chance
Star Citizen The maverick ship manufacturer has done it again.

“Humanity’s frontier isn’t just some place one world over. It’s a dream. It’s an idea waiting to be had. It’s what motivates us to push harder and farther. It’s the spirit built into the very heart of the Pioneer.” – Silas Koerner Ever since the unveiling of the quantum drive, Humanity has been on an upward trajectory of innovation and exploration. Advances in technology have allowed more and more people to sail the stars, to discover previously unknown solar systems, to harvest resources from celestial bodies. Now Consolidated Outland offers another advance in Humanity’s technological evolution. Introducing the first mobile construction yard, the Pioneer opens up exciting opportunities for planetary settlement by allowing you to create your own modular structures. So you can bring civilization to the wild.

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